Heaven Bent impress at Voco 2019

Choir members relax after sound check in Auckland’s magnificent cathedral.

10 Aug: VoCo – Voice Community – this year featured 10 choirs and vocal groups in an event marked by excellent and varied performances. This included Heaven Bent who, after a two-year break from VoCo – returned with three well-received songs.
The event, again held at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell, featured new and well-loved songs in a wide range of styles, including pop, classical, gospel, waiata and folk music.


  • 29 June: The cold snap that hit most of the country did not stop a healthy crowd attending the choir’s O Happy Night concert at St David’s in Te Aroha. With several key members unable to attend, the concert began with an air of uncertainty but the choir soon found its groove and in spite of a few potholes.
Basses, sopranos and altos at St David’s in Te Aroha at the June 29 concert

24 Nov 2018:  It was a first for Heaven Bent, and Takanini School, when the choir headed south to the school to perform a set for an appreciative crowd. Funds raised go toward membership of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra – one of the school’s first steps towards being able to introduce a significant music program into Takanini School. The occasion also marked the debut of the newly formed school choir who performed Rivers to the delight of parents and friends. This was conducted by HB member Jill Haywood who initiated the formation of the school’s choir.  Jill also shared conducting duties with Phil May on Heaven Bent’s songs.


Heaven Bent invites new and experienced singers to audition to be part of this strong, joyful singing community. We we are looking for tunefulness, an ability to hold a part, a desire to learn and grow musically, and a love of African-American gospel music and related genres.

If you’re interested, please email John at johncharleswishart@gmail.com  (this is not a hyperlink – please copy this address into your usual email server and leave your name and contact details.)


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