The 7 Basses

Tuesday 27 September 2022

One bass took the photo!

The basses and tenors have been out numbering the altos and sopranos regularly on practice nights recently and it's sounding great.

While we've struggled with Covid variants and the "whether to sing - with or without masks" issue for a lot of this year we have got back together at times.

First it was 3 tenors who tested positive after one Tuesday night even with masks and since its felt safer to remove masks people have still come down with it.


But we're practicing for going into the recording studio in November!! Doing the backing vocals on a track by Julie Ann Weiler and that will be fun.

We will also get to record some of our own songs while we are there.


Then there is an end of year concert planned for December 17, 2022. More details coming soon.


The 7 Basses