do re TRADE mi


Dick Smith Electronics 5.1 surround sound amp and six speaker system. Powerful system (bass reflex is in the main centre box) with built-in FM radio tuner and aux channel. Bought in 2005 but hardly used. Remote is now glued and strapped together and fully functional. Speak to John Wishart at choir about this great amp/speaker system for the kids/batch/bedroom whatever. Make an offer.

This fund-raising feature, which kicked off in July 2017, invites choir members who have large or awkward items to sell to post a photograph of the item on this page.

Please send a well-focused digital shot of the item to John Wishart’s email. He will process and post the shot to this page. A concise description of the item must accompany the photo. e.g. Camera. Model number, digital, 35mm, or other.  Please be honest about the condition and functionality of the item. Please mention any faults, flaws etc that may affect the saleability of the item. The choir will not enter into any correspondence about returning items. Pick-up or delivery of posted items is to be arranged between buyer and seller. Payment for items is to be paid into the choir’s bank account. Please mention the item and “doreTRADEmi” in the details section so Mike can keep track of this activity.

This page is not like our Facebook page and members cannot independently post photos to it.  Let’s make this fundraising effort work.

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