cambridge fest28 Mar: It wont be long till this “endless” summer is over, by which time the choir will be into the polishing phase of rehearsals for the Cambridge Autumn Festival. The choir will be performing a full matinee concert at St Andrews Church, 85 Hamilton Road, Cambridge.  The Festival, which is an annual event, runs from March 27 to April 5, and features a wide variety of performances, art shows and children’s events. 


  • 29 June 2019: The cold snap that hit most of the country did not stop a healthy crowd attending the choir’s O Happy Night concert at St David’s in Te Aroha. With several key members unable to attend, the concert began with an air of uncertainty but the choir soon found its groove and in spite of a few potholes.



Heaven Bent invites new and experienced singers to audition to be part of this strong, joyful singing community. We we are looking for tunefulness, an ability to hold a part, a desire to learn and grow musically, and a love of African-American gospel music and related genres.

If you’re interested, please email Jill at  (this is not a hyperlink – please copy this address into your usual email server and leave your name and contact details.)


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